warhol soup

2 responses to “warhol soup

  1. I'm not sure which is more interesting, the soup cans, or the MGD empties… :jester:I've heard that the Worhol foundation will be auctioning off some of the Worhol collection. At least one of the items is expected to fetch something like US$20 million.Campbell's current effort at relevance is pursuing new flavors and packaging forms.

  2. We like that MGD as a regular staple beer. It's popularity in this part of the country is about zero, even though a huge Miller brewery is only a little north of Greensboro.I hope Campbell's doesn't goof up the product (the link):"These soups come in plastic pouches that are easy to open and heat up in a microwave in less than three minutes."Sounds like other things that I've bought that scald fingers and spill everywhere. I assume the microwave package will have all of about 5 oz. of soup in it, like that dreadful product called "Soup at Hand." Soup at Hand has about 3 little sips of soup in it. Better than nothing but disappointing.The standard Campbell's tomato has been my fave since I was a child. Back then, a store was considered expensive if the tomato was priced 10 cents or over. The Warhol cans (Target exclusive) are 75 cents, which is a better price than most supermarkets charge.

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