recent health food showcase

Some more recent healthy eating.

Image #1: fried pickles from the pseudo-French American restaurant chain Mimi's. This is my second attempt trying to enjoy fried pickles, and it's hopeless. To me they were close to nasty at both places where I had them. No more attempts.

Image #2: the cream-filled version of the ever popular Krispy Kreme product line. The gooshy internal cream sticks in my throat. Yeah, I know, it shouldn't, but it does. I only like the plain glazed, or the plain glazed chocolate iced. Krispy Kreme was the rage when I was a kid and my parents frequently took the family to Myrtle Beach. The salty air does something wonderful to donuts. Really! They were at their most excellent then. Vendors would ply the beaches and hotels selling boxes of them.

One response to “recent health food showcase

  1. Well, I'll avoid the fried pickles… :irked:

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