touchpal swiping keyboard for android

I've heard about these swiping keyboards but never tried one until today.

Love it!

You can just trace out the words instead of pressing keys. I like to be fast on my IM's and texts. Speech-to-text is the fastest but doesn't always work with a weak data signal or in high noise. Swiping is the next best thing.

There are several of these swiping keyboards. Swype is known as #1 but isn't available in the Android (Google Play) store. It must be downloaded separately. I selected TouchPal though I also read about SlideIT. Here is a comparison review of the top dogs.

I am amazed. The prediction engine is fabulous. I can be sloppy as hell, and it still gets what I mean most of the time. I can tap or swipe, doesn't matter, what I want still comes up. English is the default installation, but I also got the Spanish dictionary. I'm a bad speller in Spanish, and TouchPal fixes my stuff on the fly.

w00t! This is great! :cheers:

Below is an image of one of my first trial runs swiping some text. Why did I wait so long? I do Android. It might be available for iPhone, but who cares?

5 responses to “touchpal swiping keyboard for android

  1. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    for my first smart phone

    I never thought I'd get into it, but it's been fun. Smart phones are a total privacy giveaway, but they gonna get it one way or another. I have Google everything on it. It's a shame, but it all works so well, lol.Of course first app install should be Opera Mobile. Makes the net so much more worthwhile.

  2. decodedthought

    :up::wait: for my first smart phone 😛

  3. I am the same possibility with my ip but the application is automatic :up:

  4. Titanium Backup has been (and will be) the first app to install. I flash too many ROMs. TB backs up all my apps, restores so I don't have to wait to re-download all my apps. I flash ROMs 2-3 times/day. Depends on whether:1.) Developer pushes out ROM that makes me drool.2. Ice Cream Sandwich.3. build is faster than previous

  5. I think I might give the swipe keyboard a try on my Android. :up:

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