immigrant take job

I saw this on another social network today. Loved it! :up:

9 responses to “immigrant take job

  1. Hulk smash!

  2. Love it!

  3. I am not immigrant and i search one work also !! Good action !!

  4. Originally posted by AleksOD:

    Hulk smash!

    Force is the weapon of the weak.

  5. 😆

  6. It was quite amusing a few years ago when a few of the British racists started getting irate because Polish immigrants – legally here as we are all members of the European Union – started going back to Poland on mass. And why? Because they found out just how bad Britain is. Gloria and I used to work with a Polish couple who went back to Poland for this very reason. 😀

  7. operainchicago

    no jobs for the aliens either :troll: :sst: :jester:

  8. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    no jobs for the aliens either

    X-Files!I could go for some of those Na'vi from the movie Avatar. I'd give up humans in a heartbeat. "Once you go Na'vi, you never go back!"

  9. Terribly happy! Great (unfortunately) :up:

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