hard to get internet on the road sometimes

I have the afternoon free to goof off in a small town until I work a shift tomorrow. The hotel sign says "free wifi", so I check in there. The wifi works OK until guests start arriving and it slows down and stops. So it goes in a teeny tiny town. I like to refer to them as "one of those f****d up little towns." 😆 It's one of those places where people walk crazy in the middle of the road and stuff.

I try my cellular mobile hotspot, but there's a zero-bar signal and it won't pull data. I now have it hanging by a USB cord from the curtain rod in a window across the room and radiating a little wifi to my netbook. I can now get little dribs and drabs of data. Who knows how far away that cell tower is.

I guess I could watch TV or read a radical magazine or sumpin'.

I have nothing against small towns. I'm just looking for a reason to whine. I do miss the 4G in places like Charlotte or Columbia.

6 responses to “hard to get internet on the road sometimes

  1. operainchicago

    😡 small towns do suck!

  2. Chichester is a reasonable sized place in Britain. But if you want a decent mobile phone signal or WiFi… :irked:

  3. Me without any signal = :no:

  4. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Me without any signal =

    Invariably where there is no working wifi, it will also be a cell signal dead zone. They just go together.

  5. I'd have no life without my cell phone. Seriously.

  6. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    I'd have no life without my cell phone.

    Sometimes it gets funny. We go out clubbing, and a friend 20 feet away will text, "going to the bar, want a cocktail?""Yeah, Corona."I mean we could have walked over to each other.I like the connectedness and never ending things to do with the device, especially while on the road, but I will sometimes still shut it off to make sure I don't feel funny.I've got a good netbook tether going with it right now in Spartanburg, SC.

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