thinker libre

I ran across these words today and like them. While some will find parts of the article to be inflammatory, the last paragraph (included below) excited me some. I don't buy into everything in the article. Skepticism is my default mode, or maybe I just can't really commit to anything or firmly make up my mind. 🙂

"the worldview of freethinkers and progressives at its best is one that exalts freedom and liberty — freedom to make our own choices, freedom of the mind to travel and explore wherever it will. These are our commandments: Think for yourself and don't blindly bow down to the claims of another. Exercise your own best judgment. Ask questions and investigate whether what you've been taught is true. There have been countless wars and devastations because people were too eager to subordinate their will and conscience to the ruling authorities, but as Sam Harris says, no atrocity was ever committed because people were being too reasonable, too skeptical, or too independently minded. If anything, human beings have always been too eager to obey and to subordinate their will to others. The more we throw off that ancient and limiting mindset, the more freedom we have to think, act and speak as we choose, the more humanity as a whole will prosper."

Source: Adam Lee at Alternet.

One response to “thinker libre

  1. I recently read something along the lines of ultimate freedom being an illusion since all of our choices intertwine with choices of other people, and if discipline in using our freedoms is not exercised, our freedoms will eventually hurt others. I tend to subscribe to that mindset, as well.

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