beer trio

Last night's beer trio from late-night net chat. Beer goes so well with Linux and IRC.

One of my favorite things to do while chatting online is to explore old Geocities archives.

The Pilsner Urquell is best consumed from a cold mug. The MGD (Miller Genuine Draft) is best enjoyed directly from the bottle after popping it into the freezer for about five minutes.

The metal dolphin in front is the opener. The tail is where the cap goes, or underneath the belly is a grooved twist-off cap thing.

16 responses to “beer trio

  1. Hey, there's a dolphin swimming through the shot! Or did you place him there on porpoise?

  2. My tequila was a hellva lot better :devil: :headbang: :jester:

  3. Boy, you sure know how to live…

  4. Lol.Some of my beer strategy:The MGD's, which are domestic, taste good and refreshing to me, and are reasonably priced, making them good for quantity drinking. In cans, they are the best beer for camping or festivals, like Burning Man, due to the weight reduction of aluminum and the fact that they still taste good from cans. Some beers and lagers taste dag nasty when canned, not MGD.Beer enthusiasts will usually look down on an American mass-market product like MGD, but by golly, I love 'em, especially if I want to drink a lot of them.The Pilsner Urquells are for when I want something imported and more high-end. Poured into a mug, it smells just like a skunk, and there's lots of good flavor there. When I started drinking them, it was one of the finest products of its type that was widely available. Now, great beers and lagers are everywhere. Brewing technology must have really improved. Some great beers now come from the USA, which is contrary to a long established reputation.And that's a light version of "my beer strategy."Tazzie mentions tequila. That's my favorite variety of what I call "spirits."

  5. operainchicago

    I'm from Milwaukee and I otta know it's draft brewed ____________beer where ever you go!fill in the blank. it's not Miller that would be too easy. You may Google if you wish :cheers:

  6. Old Milwaukee?

  7. operainchicago


  8. Rats.Too tired in the hills of Virginia tonight to search around. I'll look some tomorrow. Could use any type beer tonight, but never during the workweek.

  9. I'm obviously an amateur at this. My bottle opener just has a plain blue plastic handle. Fail!

  10. operainchicago

    Answer : Blatz Beer :beer:

  11. Blatz Splatz!

  12. Duff!:doh:

  13. Shotz!As for Schlitz, I remember Siglinda Steinfuller on those beer posters in the 70's. They were in almost every dorm room when I was in college.

  14. operainchicago

    Schlitz beer = what beer on the show Laverne and Shirley? In other words what fake brewery did they work at?

  15. operainchicago

    Schotz beer company with Lenny and Squiggy. IR did they flip burgers or something?

  16. [Appreciate] you that is wonderful!

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