kidney stones rock

I took someone to see a urologist today. I thought this screensaver was cute. Kidney stones, rocks, dancing guy in suit with electric guitar. I hope it all made the catheter worth it, lol.

7 responses to “kidney stones rock

  1. 😎 😆

  2. 😆

  3. Can't say anything more original than 😆

  4. Screensaver Image = Great! :up:Kidney Stones = Bad. :down:That image makes me think that office has a pretty awesome sense of humor.

  5. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Advertising done right!

    I wonder if the colonoscopy people can do this well? I liked mine.

  6. I especially love the singular verb usage:Alliance Urology Specialists (singular business unit of ONE!) + provides (singular verb). :up:That "Google ARE", "Microsoft ARE", "Opera ARE" stuff gets on my freakin' nerves. It's not incorrect, but it bothers me. :irked:

  7. Advertising done right!

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