noodle bowl serving suggestion

We got some cheap little noodle bowls for late-night snacks. Right on the label it says, "serving suggestion – top with grilled shrimp."

Oh yeah, right! Maybe I need a side of New York Strip to go with it.

These are just little noodle snacks meant to calm down the beer munchies at 3 AM. There's not a chance in hell that I'm going to have a steak, or grilled shrimp, casually lying around as a topping.

Well, on the other hand, I have been to post-bar parties where someone has yanked hundreds of dollars worth of steaks out of the freezer and thrown them on a triple wide gas grill as the sun was coming up. Maybe they regretted it after sobering up, but the guests ate well! :drunk:

3 responses to “noodle bowl serving suggestion

  1. Damn it, Dave! It's 3-something AM here and I'm craving some ramen noodles to eat. The only thing holding me back is me not wanting to wake up my family.:yikes:I could take some vodka shots.

  2. My occasional late-night snack is usually a ramen or some cheese toast. Toast could be quieter.Cold pizza is the best though hard on the stomach for sleeping.

  3. Top with grilled shrimp? I've never had grilled shrimp.

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