list of defunct retailers of the usa

It's a real nice list to bring on some nostalgia, i.e. memories of shopping as a kid with your parents.

I was reading an article about Best Buy's slow death when I saw a link to this list of defunct retailers of the United States.

The list will bring on some nostalgia, as many of the retailers were very well liked. I mean who didn't like shopping for shoes at Thom McAn or getting some enchiladas at Chi-Chi's?

Now, getting back to Best Buy, it is indeed one of the two retailers I'd most like to see die a horrible painful death. The other is K-Mart.

Sears gets honorable mention in the death category though nostalgia makes me feel bad for the slow demise. Its stores are embarrassing now. It's hard to believe that Sears was totally where it was at for so many decades. It's perplexing. In Mexico, the Sears stores are often posh palaces filled with trendy fashions at good prices. In the USA, Sears brings to mind broken fixtures yellowed with age, bad odors in the store, heat or A/C barely on, and giant stores devoid of customers.

8 responses to “list of defunct retailers of the usa

  1. There's a Sears here that looks decent.The K-Mart here is devoid of any human contact. Musty, torn, and forgotten that place is.Wal*Mart's where it is at.

  2. I remember going to Kmart as kid. Jaclyn Smith still have her brand there. ๐Ÿ˜Ž I think I'll be more sorry to see Kmart go than Sears.

  3. ever heard of Korvette's or Zayre? back in the 60's and 70's long gone now ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. Josh, I so wanted to buy you this Justin Bieber poster in a K-Mart one time. ๐Ÿ˜† Originally posted by d4rkn1ght:

    I think I'll be more sorry to see Kmart go than Sears.

    Yeah, I'd not like to see either go, really. My city once had a Zayre. It's where all the teenagers went to buy cigarettes and soft-porn magazines. Nobody in the store gave a rat's. The good old days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I was just thinking about the adventure of teen-age shopping at Zayre. If you were under age, if you only bought the cigs or magazine, or both, you'd be declined. Buying at least one auxiliary item, like a candy bar or gum, would increase the odds of the purchase going through. The teenage favorite was a Plen-T-Pak of Wrigley's gum. That way the fantasy could fly of you being there to just buy the gum and you just happened to see those other items. The gum was also useful with the cigs for the obvious reasons.Everybody viewed it as some kind of funny tax.

  6. Originally posted by yooperprof:

    I learned my lessons about masculinity leafing through the hardware pages.

    OMG. If only I'd known, I could have been doing that. lol.I had an English car for awhile. Sears used to carry foreign car parts. What didn't they do?I think my parents mentioned that Sears sold houses for awhile.Then there was the introduction of the Discover card when Sears was a bank. I'd see the cash advance junkies hanging around customer service. I did that a time or two myself.

  7. I do feel nostalgic about Sears. My mom bought my bluejeans at Sears!And then there's the whole issue of the Sears Catalog! I learned my lessons about masculinity leafing through the hardware pages.

  8. Wonderful website that has uploaded dozens of historic Christmas catalogs from the 1930s to the 1970s:

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