15 responses to “arachno

  1. :lol:poor man! I mean poor man in capital !I would have grown wings and fly if that happened to me! next time he might use a vacuum swat! or even better, decide to live with a new roommate! :p

  2. Beurk ! I hate this arachno !!

  3. My country is a treasure !! The french food, the wine; the form of house etc… When to coming in France ?

  4. Hello Capitaine. I am ok. You always make me want to come to France. I have only been one time in 1986.

  5. Hehe. Y'all are sweet. 🙂 Maybe he should have used a shotgun.

  6. Originally posted by frogier:

    When to coming in France ?

    I don't know. The sooner the better. For now, all my e-mail flows through Paris. My e-mail host server is there.

  7. Yes !! 😆 How are you doing ?

  8. I leave in Paris during the 1986 summer in Nogent city but i prefer the little city

  9. That spider is pretty big. :bug: I would have slowly backed out of the room and shut the door behind me. At least I would then have the rest of the house :worried:

  10. Part of me wants to grab a shot gun and shoot the mother f*cking spider, and part of me wants to run.

  11. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    part of me wants to run.

    or make a spider sandwich. :chef:

  12. oh please don't kill it. It has a family ya know :doh:

  13. It's a spider. They're evil.

  14. Spiders and snakes I can sort of handle. Cockroaches and rats gross me out. The house has had the occasional mouse. When I hear the trap snap, I just slip on some dishwashing gloves and throw it over the fence.

  15. I will never sleep again… :eyes:

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