life in the burbclave

Well, actually I live nearly downtown.

Sireeeens all night long.

4 responses to “life in the burbclave

  1. Where do I live? Let's just see that the police station's in handy distance! 😉

  2. We don't have too much cop stuff usually, and when we do it's usually the cops that are looking to start trouble. Things tend to go down more often now, though, since the police station was moved in to downtown proper from several blocks outside of downtown. Yeah, Olympia is small enough that if you go ten blocks in any direction you're out of downtown.

  3. There is a business that adjoins one side of my property. It's closed nights and weekends, so it's actually a good situation. The parking lot runs alongside my back yard, and there is a 10' tall privacy fence, the kind with plastic slats woven through it. Soft blue perimeter lighting shines against the fence from the business side, and my yard is dark, so I can stand at the fence undetected and see what's going on over there.The lot is sometimes used by people, especially on weekend nights, for private drinking, smoking pot, sex in cars, etc. Anyway, two young guys were chugging beer together one night, and I was outside and decided to quietly observe. One had to pee and walked near the fence. His WANG was just inches from my face, which didn't bother me a bit, with the fence in between. I thought my position was safe until he unexpectedly turned and directed the stream right against where I was crouching. I had to drop and roll to avoid getting hit as I wasn't in the mood for a golden shower at that particular moment.

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