starving dogs and that other dog thing

I go the the kitchen, open the refrigerator, take out a block of cheese, open a drawer, and get a knife. The dogs in the other end of the house have done analysis on this series of sounds and come running into the kitchen like freight trains.

They all look up at me, so pitiful, their eyes programmed to say, "we are all in the final stages of starvation and will surely die in the next fifteen minutes unless we get some cheese."

So, I give each a little piece of cheese. Nothing really changes except the eyes are now saying, "OK, so we will now live twenty minutes. Keep cutting, boy."

My favorite thing to yell out in the night: "Sasha, will you PLEASE stop licking your pussy."

6 responses to “starving dogs and that other dog thing

  1. The dog familiar with master is every poor in hour of dinner !!:lol:

  2. My dog is dog of snow and search to eating !! My street is full of restaurants and my dog to stopping face to the clients for to food, is terrible !

  3. Same with cats. Amazing ears!

  4. Pat tried a few hours ago to take a picture of begging dogs wanting a bite of my pizza. Getting at the correct angle was slow, meanwhile the two "boys", Blu and Capone almost killed each other over food. Taking a picture, not a good idea…or be faster with the camera dammit! :chef: :headbang:

  5. You're dog to port the name of Capone ? Is funny !:lol: When the races to you're dogs ?

  6. We had a hamster who could hear and smell you opening a packet of rich tea biscuits from almost any distance. Ehud (the hamster) loved them.

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