tame new years eve – went out to eat – no party later

This year we are taking the night off from clubbing for the end of the year. We'll sit comfortably inside the house and listen to the cars crashing outside and the constant sirens.

Anyway, we celebrated by going out to eat. 🙂

Image #1: appetizer of spring rolls and beer. That Sapporo beer tastes ho-hum when bought from a store, but served in a restaurant, it is delicious. Environment, I guess.

Image #2: Brian enjoying his entree of Gang Ped. We like to call it Gang-Bang Ped.

Image #3: my triple whammy entree of boiled cat in sauce, chopped iguana with tofu, and lizard gonad stew.

3 responses to “tame new years eve – went out to eat – no party later

  1. ROFLMAO :hat: :drunk: :beer: Happy end of the world as we know it Dave and Brian!!

  2. All. That. Food. Delicious!LOL, "Gang-bang". Oh Dave, your sense of humour always brightens up my day. :)And what Carol said.Who's gonna scream, "It's the end of the world!" towards the one day in December 2012? I am.

  3. That looks a great meal. I was the only one still up at midnight in our house. I 'phoned by 74 year old mother. (She's had her 75th birthday since then).

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