mp3 (and ogg) uploads to the cloud

For the first time ever, I've started storing music online instead of just on my hard drive and media player. It's a goofy beginning collection that I have with Google. I haven't gotten everything ready for upload yet. I hate to sell my soul to Google, but they take ogg files, and about half my collection is in that format. Everything streams nicely to the 'Droid.

My collection really is a lot more varied than this. I'm just getting started.

The image needs to be clicked and expended to see anything. I like the "Judas" next to the three "Jesus Christ Superstars" near the middle of the image. 😀

One response to “mp3 (and ogg) uploads to the cloud

  1. I'm yet to cloud anything myself. It's bound to happen sooner or later, though. You do have a few interesting choices there already.By the way, thanks for the tip about storing .ogg files.

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