refrigerators and color tv’s

We got to move those refrigerators. We got to move those color TV's. (Dire Straits)

In the USA, the most common question when you meet someone for the first time is, "so, what do you do?"

Make no mistake, the person asking that question is NOT interested in anything but what type of job you have, i.e. your income, education, social status.

I fatigued of that game a long time ago due to not having much to offer really. I take care to never ask that question of anyone I meet.

So, when someone asks me that question, "so what do you do?", I answer with offbeat things like, "I enjoy being online, I read a lot, I drink beer, I masturbate, I eat cat on a stick, I have a lifetime of exploring Mexico on the cheap."

Invariably the response will be, "no, I mean what do you DO?" (Translation: I need to assess your job description.)

Sometimes I then give a crazy-ass answer just to see what happens.

–So, what do you do?
–I sell refrigerators, you know, Maytags, GE, Frigidaire, HotPoint, Magic Chef, a few Kenmores.
–Yeah, but not those shit brands like Daewoo or Haier.
–Are you in need of a new refrigerator?

By then the person is usually walking away. Mission accomplished. 😆

By the way, I don't sell refrigerators and I don't give a rat's *** as to what type job you have, or if you even have one at all. 🙂 All I care is if are you at least slightly lovable.

By the way, this post is for entertainment purposes only. Most of it has never happened. Just a little bit of it has. I still tend to give creative answers to, "so, what do you do?" 😀

3 responses to “refrigerators and color tv’s

  1. I once told people that I was a Government SS agent – and I was telling the truth. I was a Civil Servant working in Social Security 😀

  2. That is such a cool answer. :up: Nobody would believe it, but I'd like to try this one sometime: "I work in HR (personnel) for an adult entertainment company. The interview process is rigorous!"

  3. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    "I work in HR (personnel) for an adult entertainment company. The interview process is rigorous!"


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