bank transfer day

Bank Transfer Day comes to a climax tomorrow. It is an initiative to encourage people to move their banking from the casino banks to community-based credit unions and local banks.

I don't need to do a thing because I, and my circle of family and friends, went "credit union" many years ago. I've hardly paid a fee for anything in over a decade. The two mega banks I had used prior were trying to give my accounts a slow death by a thousand cuts. Just the fees from one checking account alone could have bought two people a nice restaurant meal once a month.

So there! Done done Bank Transfer Day over a decade early. :cheers: The savings can buy me a lot of beer.

And yes, the credit unions often have free candy in the lobby. 😀

One caveat: not all credit unions are equal. Some are big banks in credit union clothing. Watch out for those.

One response to “bank transfer day

  1. Thanks for the tip about the banks masquerading as credit unions. The cheeky litte %*@~!

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