debian on acer aspire one netbook

Screenshots are meaningless, I suppose. They all look about the same, and they don't represent the core of the system anyway. I do enjoy looking at them, however, and as I was leisurely eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich tonight, I decided to take one.

I just swapped out Lubuntu for Debian "testing", AKA Wheezy (amd64 with LXDE desktop) on my Acer Aspire One netbook. Both systems feature the LXDE desktop. The Debian with LXDE runs a little faster and lighter than the Lubuntu did, which is what I was looking for. Plus, it feels nice! It feels GOOD! It's just so right! It runs like a frickin' dream! 😆

I needed just a few tweaks to get Debian looking and running right on the netbook:

  • I needed to enable the "non-free" repository to get some Broadcom firmware for the wifi.
  • I like the GDM3 (display manager) better than the included XDM, so I swapped that.
  • I also like the gnome-power-manager and the gnome-network-manager, so I put those in.
  • On netbooks I like to install maximus and set it to autostart with the GUI. Maximus auto-maximizes and undecorates application windows, thus reclaiming desktop space.
  • I set syndaemon to start with the desktop. This disables the touchpad as I type so I don't have to hold my thumbs up in the air to avoid that non-recessed touchpad bouncing the cursor all over the place.

LXDE is a simple, pretty, fast, and a very usable desktop. The main thing, it's NOT Unity. OMG, Unity, gag me with a spoon.

Screenshot below. Click to enlarge on flickr.

Acer Aspire One Netbook - Debian Wheezy

One response to “debian on acer aspire one netbook

  1. Beautiful layout. And now that I've been using Linux myself for a little while I recognise most of the icons at the top of the screen. 😎

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