best sinister desktop wallpaper ever

I've used this site since Windows 95 for wallpapers. If I have a desktop wallpaper that is not a picture that I've taken myself, I probably got it from Visual Paradox.

The one below finally makes my Gnome desktop look just like I want it to: bright, cheerful, evil, sinister. :devil:

Duality wallpaper brought to you by the talent and kindness of Visual Paradox.

4 responses to “best sinister desktop wallpaper ever

  1. Cool! Might grab one myself

  2. I like the surreal feeling of many of them. My very first non-stock Windows95 wallpaper came from that site. What a great guy who has stayed with it so long: Brian Kissinger.Back when I ran Win95, I actually had to read the instructions on how to change a wallpaper which the site provides. Now I have a whole directory of them. Christmas and Thanksgiving get seasonal ones.

  3. It looks like The Grateful Dead is playing right down that hill :sing: :jester: 😀 I like the sunflower in there.

  4. Well said, Jan.

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