struggling with english

I am in Charlotte, North Carolina, this morning preparing to check out of my hotel. I have only a short shift this morning, then I can go home.

I was in the hotel lobby a few minutes ago getting a coffee. There was a woman there talking to the reception, and she was understanding very little. No English! The hotel person was talking too fast, using slang, and was a mumbler.

I got my coffee and was outside for a moment. The woman followed me out and decided she would try her English with me. I love that stuff! I always have time if someone is trying their hand at English. I think of all the Mexicans that had time for me when I was traversing their country before I knew Spanish. This woman was from somewhere in Europe, I think.

Her needs were simple. She wanted a bus to the Charlotte Convention Center, and she wanted to know where I got the coffee that was in my hand. The coffee machine was a bit hidden in the far corner of the lobby, and she hadn't seen it. The Charlotte city buses, why they pass right in front of the hotel! I could literally point to the far-away sign that said "bus". There were even little city maps on the wall in the lobby. Piece of cake.

She talked without using many verbs. It often doesn't impede meaning that much to do this. I used to do the same thing in my early days with Spanish.

She said: "Where bus, downtown, convention center?", and "Where you…coffee?"

Easy! I got it. :up:

In my answers I used simple direct words and concise sentences. There's no need to go on about things and confuse somebody. Also, don't use weird words like "sprinkles, drizzle, or lukewarm". Just say "rain" and "hot". 😆

So, if you are ever this way and know almost no English, give me a try. I love language and will make a ton of time for you. :heart:

I often hear that the French fly into a rage if you try to speak French and don't really know it. I was in Paris years ago, and they all graciously helped me. Then again, I am pretty freakin' charming. :p

6 responses to “struggling with english

  1. You should be a teacher in your next life :up:

  2. I wish someone like you could help me learn foreign languages.

  3. The woman in the post above, I sliced her head off and threw her in the dumpster afterwards.I try to be helpful. :devil:

  4. 😆 Ok, I love it… So, please become my teacher… I beg you.

  5. "sprinkles, drizzle, or lukewarm". :awww: In dutch: "hozen, druilerig, of bloedheet"; just a guess 😀 But you're a very helpful guy Dave, we all know that.There are people in this world who respond like this when a tourist asks for the way to 'where ever': "Well, take the first corner to the right, and then the next corner again to the right, after awhile you see a small alley to the right and at the end you go to the right again. That's the place you're looking for".Then they jump back into the pub and watch those silly tourists go by again in a minute or 20 or so 😀 big fun but :yuck: sick.

  6. Jann, I had a policeman do that to me in Guadalajara, Mexico one time. He told me the exact opposite of where I needed to go.It was a small price to pay for being let out of the back of his car after the interrogation. :whistle:

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