dog in a passout


We tell her that other dogs work for a living. They get gigs doing television commercials, they are assistance animals for people, they sometimes pull sleds.

She prefers to just flop out on the floor and wait for a bag of potato chips to be rattled.

6 responses to “dog in a passout

  1. Your job is to be her servants. Her job is to be your boss. She knows her place. Now you have to learn yours. :p

  2. That's clear, concise, and right on the money.

  3. But what about her being the source of positive emotions and cuteness for her master? That's like a full-time position, you know? 😛

  4. She does well at that. Good point.

  5. 😀 Too cute! I have to search for my min pin. She's always under the covers unless she finds a stream of sunshine coming in the window.

  6. There is an old saying, "Why have a dog and bark yourself". I think it should be, "Why have a human and bark yourself".

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