quick debian install via wireless tether

I wanted to reconfigure the hard drive partitions on the netbook anyway, so I thought I'd stick Debian on there to see how it was. With Debian, the usual install procedure is to download a small image, then the rest is downloaded during the installation. To make it interesting, I jacked in my new phone as the net connection. The installer picked it right up and sucked down the data.

While I enjoy Debian on my desktop machine, it's not as ready-to-go on a netbook as Lubuntu is, so I ended up putting that back on later.

All is well in the land of Android/Debian/Lubuntu. :up:

To the left of the netbook screen you can see a Lady Gaga CD. It's getting a bit out of hand. We're trying to friend some of the dancers on Facebook. 😀

Best thing to do while installing Linux: drink a beer. It's been a tradition here for ages. :beer:

7 responses to “quick debian install via wireless tether

  1. Drink a beer while installing Linux? I really will have to install Linux!

  2. Mac = wineLinux = beerWindows = tequila

  3. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    I really will have to install Linux!

    Dude, no time like the present! Besides, as Dave astutely notes Linux = beer.Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Mac = wineLinux = beerWindows = tequila

    I'm not sure what to make of this. I 100% agree that Linux = the favorite breakfast beverage of the proletariat. If I were to ask my former neighbor who's an extreme Macolyte, she'd say Mac = Jägermeister. And after reading the Microsoft propaganda about Internet Explorer 9 and its tight integration in to Windows, I have to say without question that Windows = opium. What's better than opium? A lot of things.

  4. Windows also = weed. Dude, let's just get fucked up. 😆 It's fun to make these things up. 😀 BTW, when I start Gnome, it plays the Windows 95 "Microsoft Sound". I took it right off an old PC that had it and have kept it around since.

  5. decodedthought

    beer while installing linux :up:but by the time you have your first sip, the installation would have been over ! 🙂

  6. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    by the time you have your first sip, the installation would have been over !

    This is clearly a issue of priorities. Beer open and drinking. Then start installation.:cheers:

  7. The beer can get out of hand. A long time ago I woke up one morning and SuSE was installed on my machine alongside Win95. That was back when Red Hat was known as the easy one.At least I found out that Linux could be successfully installed while plastered. In fact, the installations were sometimes better that way.

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