free light bulbs over and over

Every month the electric company snatches money out of my checking account for payment and sends me an e-mail telling me about the charges. Sometimes in the e-mail there is a link for a box of free CF light bulbs. Each subscriber is supposed to get one free box one time, but I keep clicking that link, and every few months it lets me get yet another box.

It's rather a large box full of light bulbs. I have so many now that I've started putting them in the attic. I don't anticipate ever having to buy any at this point. I wonder when they will stop! Oh well, the electric company has plenty of money.

I wish other places would slip up and repeatedly send me free merchandise.

3 responses to “free light bulbs over and over

  1. I too have what I think is now a life-time suppy of the new bulbs.I wish they came in colors, like red and blue. :wizard:

  2. They used to send everyone free bulbs in Britain until the Labour government made it one of their last acts before they lost last year's election to outlaw energy companies being able to do this. Our free bulbs when we did get them don't look anything as nice as yours.

  3. It is a little strange that electric companies send out things to reduce consumption. I assume it's a PR move.The things that would REALLY solve energy problems, I assume they are not for them unless they come with a raft of government/public funding and guarantees.

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