the last cyberpoodle passed away

We had to put the old girl down on Friday. There are several euphemisms for animal euthanasia: to put down; to put to sleep; or crudely said, "to give them the needle".

She was my mom's last animal companion. Misty, the poodle, had reached the ripe old age of seventeen. She was a mess for the last few months: blind, mostly paralyzed, and light as a bird from near inability to eat. We really waited a little too long. She hadn't been mentally present for quite a while. She just breathed. That's about it.

This is the second one of these things in which I've had to participate. It's one of the hardest aspects of being the human in the relationship. In both instances, the veterinarian and his practice were golden. They give you all the help and time you need. They offer lots of sympathy and information, but the one thing they cannot do is to say "when" or "now". You have to say it.

This is one instance in which you're allowed to flee the vet without settling the bill. They'll bill ya. I always find that a little funny. They'll even let you out the side door if you're not up to a walk back through the lobby.

Whew! What a relief that it's over.

I often called Misty and her long-deceased sister "The Cyberpoodles" because their images were some of the first I ever sent across the Internet. My first GeoCities webpage was called "cyberpoodle" in her and her sister's honor. We all went way back.

My mom is OK, I'm OK, Misty is released and better off.

Image #1: The old girl a couple of years ago on grooming day. She was already 15 then.

Image #2: Sending her unused/sealed meds to the animal shelter. We had leftover flea and heartworm pills. The shelter can use them.

13 responses to “the last cyberpoodle passed away

  1. decodedthought

    R.I.P misty.I know, it must be really hard for you. Thats the worst part. We had a 4 months pup some time back for a week and had to give it back to the owner from whom we bought cause my sis. was a bit scared having it in the home. Having just bonded for a week it felt so lonely for the next couple of weeks. Took some time to get over it.Cant imagine how it would be for you 😦

  2. Thank you. In some ways it really is like a human death in the family. What made this time a little easier is that she had mentally "checked out" quite awhile ago, so it wasn't like she was looking at us or trying to play. It took us all a few weeks to ramp up mentally to get this done.Trying to be a little funny, after dropping my mom off, I was driving home and "Rock Me Amadeus" (Falco) came on the radio in German. I felt peaceful for some reason. I guess anything would have felt good.I'm sorry you had to give up the puppy.

  3. *Hug*Animals are not merely pets. They are creatures we willingly accept responsibility for. We must, therefore, act as their stewards. It's hard. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Its really sad when a pet passes away.It was very noble of you to think of the other dogs that can use her meds. :up:

  5. *hugs* ❤

  6. The love that you end up having for a pet is like no other. I still remember the mother and daughter cats Smudge and Tiptoes who used to patrol the perimeter of the garden with military precision. It also seems like every month my wife Gloria and I talk of our old foul tempered hamster Ehud who famously loved rich tea biscuits.I bet you have a mountain of quaint stories about Misty. Bless her and you all.

  7. She had a good live with you guys, you can see it it her eyes on the pic.:rip: :heart:

  8. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    I said, "we're at the age where there's role reversal."

    :awww: That's right. My daughter is almost ready to pamper me, yes 😀 But please give her my love, losing your dog can be so painful. :love: btw You're doing a great job with your mom, that's the world we love and respect! :up:

  9. We kept her frequently, but she was my mom's. My mom is now pining away for another dog, but she's in a situation where this will be very difficult.I told her yesterday, "don't get another dog!"She said, "why are you telling me what not to do?"I said, "we're at the age where there's role reversal." 😆

  10. Soy Dedo Mayer,en este blog,podeis leer la historia que he escrito.Esta todea en Italiano,y si la traducen con las webs es posibile que salgan errores porque hago muchos errores ortograficos en Italiano,y tambien en espanol…jajaja…buenoooo…Un abrazo.Peace.

  11. Lo siento por vuestro perro.Desde Italia un "os quiero" de parte mia.;-)

  12. Originally posted by ennevuemme:

    Lo siento por vuestro perro.Desde Italia un "os quiero" de parte mia.

    Graaacias Dedo. Te queremos también.Originally posted by ennevuemme:

    si la traducen con las webs es posibile que salgan errores porque hago muchos errores ortograficos en Italiano,y tambien en espanol…jajaja…buenoooo

    Tienes tantos bloges. 😀 Pues, me gusta leer, y escribes bién.Entre el español e italiano, y con la ayuda de Google (o el pescado) entiendo bién. En mi opinión, estos idiomas son como la poesía. Tengo que trabajar un poco, pero vale la pena el premio.

  13. Gracias.Ayer lei algo de vuestro con el traductor,yo tambien hago dificultad pero intento.Me gusto mucho eso del bar donde habia los strip,claro que son tiempos que no pueden volver,pero es por eso que era bueno ese periodo como ahora hay otros periodos,tambien buenos.Cada momento tiene algo de bueno,aunque es dificil a veces verlo.Espero que pasen bien estos dias (que dicen que son de semana santa pero de santo no se que hay en verdad).;-)

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