elizabeth taylor

I'm usually not into celebrities, their events, or gossip, but there is one big exception with me: Liz Taylor. :heart:

I'm usually more into celebrities (in my opinion) like Archbishop Romero, El Che, MLK, or even less-known players like videographer Brad Will, or even Cindy Sheehan.

I got the news today at work via text that Elizabeth had died. Tears welled up in my eyes but I had to keep the show running. I loved her movies for most all my life. She had unimaginable fame and stardom. I could identify with her mortal side. At times she smoked, drank, ate, f***ed, loved, fought, married, and divorced her way through life, but never behaved *that* badly along the way. Eventually she grew up and left the destructive things behind. Even when elderly, I thought she was tremendously beautiful, both inside and out.

She defended her friends, warts and all. In a similar fashion, in the 1980's, she became a big friend of gay people everywhere when she took up AIDS as a cause and became a mega fundraiser. This was a time when even the President wouldn't utter the word for years.

Lastly, there's something rich about a powerful beautiful woman who can cut her way through a male-dominated world. This could also include Bette Davis, Ava Gardner, and Joan Crawford, though I think Joan was kind of a freak sometimes.

Ya done good, Liz. :heart:

4 responses to “elizabeth taylor

  1. Same exact thing I blogged about today – but from a rather foreign perspective. Ms. Taylor was always kinda/sorta a part of, yet apart from my life. She lived a million miles away from me, but was always there. She does. however, get an awful lot of gold stars for her AIDSwork, so I did whisper a small prayer for her today (which I typed up on my blog today). :cheers:

  2. Yeah man!Sometimes I can be fond of even the distant ones. I enjoy seeing actors, musicians, etc., who can still give a stellar performance and captivate people even well into advanced age. Lillian Gish, Katharine Hepburn, and Silvia Pinal (Mexico!) come to mind.

  3. RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

  4. I'm with you on this one Dave; she was a sweetheart.

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