morning fence run with neighbor dog

Dogs seem to be pre-programmed to do certain things. One is a nightly noisy ten minute genital lick right about the time I'm trying to fall asleep. Another is running the fence with another dog. They go back and forth playing a game of "dare ya" and fakeout.

Here's Lucy playing hard with a visiting dog from next door.

Lucy's Morning Fence Run

Lucy's Morning Fence Run

6 responses to “morning fence run with neighbor dog

  1. operainchicago

    :yikes: the other dog looks mean as hell

  2. I wonder if they gossip about their masters! :p

  3. They do look like they're a pair of eleven year old girls playing having met for the first time at a wedding reception. Their afternoon sure looks fun.

  4. 😆

  5. Haha…love the look the other dog is giving Lucy. It's kinda like "I'm NOT looking at you!" Funny dogs. My Min Pin wants to play so bad with the two 95 lb labs that also live here. She'll jump around to get them all wound up, then when they get to play fighting, she high tails it up on the couch. Their paws would break her back with one pounce for sure.

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