eating some pasties in the upper peninsula of michigan

While I was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Carol suggested that I try a regional treat called a pasty. I had two today as I was heading out for a long day of driving. It was a good lunch for me. With a Coke, just right.

I think a traditional pasty is beef, but chicken, veggie, pizza filled, and some others were available.

To me they were handy pocket food. I ate one hot while in the store, and the other I nibbled on while driving. I can see how addiction could be possible. The crust alone was delightful. With the filling, truly excellent.

People more in the know about these things can fill you in better, but from the light searching I have done, the UP Michigan pasty hails from Cornwall, England from the 1850's. It was food for miners when the copper and iron mines opened.

Carol told me how to pronounce the word "pasty", but I didn't get it quite right, so the lady in the store helped me out. The "a" is short, like in the word "pat", so pasty comes out like pass-tee, accent on the first syllable. Mention in the comments if this is right, all you pasty eaters.

Dobber's Pasties

Dobber's Pasties

10 responses to “eating some pasties in the upper peninsula of michigan

  1. I want one!

  2. Oooh. It looks like a Cornish Pasty!

  3. Good job Dave. Now I'm ready for another trip to the UP :chef:

  4. And free wifi? You must have been in heaven :p

  5. Looks remarkably like a cornish pasty. I frequently chow down on them. Yummy.

  6. Cornish pasties are great. I only live about a hundred or so miles from Cornwall and have been there a few times. However, for some reason I've never eaten a cornish pasty while in Cornwall.

  7. Originally posted by yooperprof:

    to rhyme with the middle-American pronunciation of "ass".

    Lol. I love the clever injection of humor. :up: Yes, I thought of you and Carol both as I drove all over the place this week.

  8. Missed you in my neighborhood this week!"Pass tee" is correct, but for the correct "yooper" intonation the "pass" should have a nasal intonation, to rhyme with the middle-American pronunciation of "ass".The big "pasty" question here is whether to have them with rutabagas or without rutabagas.Gravy with a pasty is good too, but it can get messy if you're eating it while driving! :coffee:

  9. You picked a cold week to come to the U.P. – cold even for us! :pingu:

  10. Hahaha…..Free gravy with your WiFi.

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