ouch – my mouse is hurting me

Wrist pain brought on my first ever change of mouse design. I'm trying to get used to this trackball mouse that I bought today, but it's hard to relearn movements I have done probably millions of times.

Aside from hi-tech eyeglasses, it's taking more and more specialized equipment to operate this computer. You can see my IBM "Model M" reproduction keyboard in the images below. It's huge, heavy, and has buckling spring keys which give auditory and tactile feedback as I type. It solved my carpal tunnel years ago. Here's a prior post on my pain-solving keyboard.

Between the keyboard and this trackball mouse, maybe everything will be cool again. 😎

I'm a gettin' old! :p

13 responses to “ouch – my mouse is hurting me

  1. Kudos for the keyboard. Used to own a heavy-ass, but awesome sounding when-you-type keyboard. As for the mouse, I dissaprove! Used one of those before, gave up and plugged in my trusty laser mouse..

  2. that looks bigger than an actual mouse 😛

  3. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    As for the mouse, I dissaprove!

    Balls, ya just roll 'em around. :whistle:

  4. someone has to invent (or implement) eye-tracking sensors so you can control the cursor with your eye…

  5. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    that looks bigger than an actual mouse

    Big balls! I commented on the size at the store. The salesperson said their previous model was even bigger than this one. It's a handful, which is probably good for me as my hand is large. It has 4 buttons, 2 large, 2 small. I'm trying to remap the little buttons right now to do page-up/page-down instead of back/forward. On Windows you run a CD to remap the buttons. On Linux, I get to do some reading first.

  6. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    someone has to invent (or implement) eye-tracking sensors so you can control the cursor with your eye…

    Well, some apps have come under true and easy mouseless control:Opera Face Gestures. 😀 Aside from browser control, the next most important thing is being able to control the image viewer with only one hand. :whistle:

  7. I used that trackball for years and loved it. Perhaps, it is not for everyone 🙂

  8. Spiffy! Not too old to marry me are you? :drunk:

  9. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Spiffy! Not too old to marry me are you?

    I'd do it for the golf and the food! You have a lot of plusses. 😎

  10. Did they show you this style at all? They're super-comfortable. Your wrist remains still and straight, while your thumb manipulates an admittedly smaller ball, but hey, sometimes size does not mean better. Your hand cups the mouse in a natural and relaxed arm-resting-on-the-table manner. Single-handed operation is a breeze. 😉 Most stores around here only have the one you've found, but Office Depot or Best Buy might have the wireless one in stock, and should have both online.I've used this specific trackball and its immediate predecessor for over 10 years now. The only time it didn't work very well was when trying to play Far Cry. I had to revert to a mouse whenever I played, or I got smoked.I had two like the one on the left until recently, when I dropped its mate for the nth time too many and could only find the wireless one locally. (I needed it NOW…!)

  11. Oh, and I've been using more keyboard shortcuts. I've always used some, but I have the whole list now and am getting them down.CTL + T = open new tabCTL + tab = jump tabsCTL + F4 = close tabThose plus the usual up/down arrows, home/end, and space bar are saving a bunch of movement.I've always used keyboard navigation for the desktop, but not so much for the browser which is where so much of the action is.

  12. I was thinking about one of the models above and might still go back for one. It was a tossup as I've never used anything but a standard mouse. I'm still in the break-in stage with the one I got and still can't say if I will keep going with it.As electronics are hard to return, if it doesn't work, it'll go into the reserve drawer for future use or giveaway. I have so many cables, adapters, and various parts in there.

  13. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    Did they show you this style at all?

    :up: Have this one at home, as well. It works great. Even for gaming.

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