my first home computer

I had messed with other people's computers, and with some at universities going way back, but this is the first machine I ever brought home for myself. I paid a princely sum for it.

It was 1996, and I had a computer store put it together for me. It lasted a very long time. It was a 120 MHz Pentium, 8 MB RAM, 28.8 dial-up modem, and a 1.5 GB hard drive. It came with Windows 95 pre-installed. A year or so later it would become a dual-boot with Red Hat Linux.

Over the years it got multiple memory upgrades, multiple larger hard drives, 56k modem, then an Ethernet card.

On the screen is the Netscape browser displaying some freaky scrolling chatroom where people posted a lot of good pics. 😀


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  1. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Like you, I usually fix things on my own or I live with the issue.


  2. I loved mine! 😀 Granted, I knew far less about computers back then, but I enjoyed the heck out of that Amiga.

  3. Originally posted by Nerak:

    a Commodore Amiga.

    I always wished I'd have had an Amiga. An acquaintance had one, but I never really got to play with it. Everything I'd ever heard from owners were nothing short of raves.

  4. My very first computer was a Commodore Amiga. I can't remember if it was the 500 or the 1000. :left: I wish I had a picture of myself with it like you've got with yours. That'd be a stroll down Memory Lane that I'd really enjoy. 😀

  5. guharoysoumik86

    Hi Mate …You looking nice in the pic …. 🙂

  6. Ja was wäre die Welt heute ohne Computer? :whistle:

  7. Originally posted by McSpocky:

    I got a second 286 computer shortly thereafter, which I ran a computer bulletin board off of. Those were some good times!

    That sounds fun. I enjoyed the BBS's, though by the time I got to them, the usual access was by telnet rather than dialing in. Unfortunately the big popularity of them was already on the wane by 1996 when I was getting around.There is a guy who is so into BBS history that he has an archive of old files found on them as well as the access numbers from back then.Old BBS access numbers.The BBS textfiles.

  8. My first computer was a TRS 80 Micro color computer back in about 1982. It had 4k ram, which upgraded to 20k ram with an external memory plugin. Everything was written in BASIC and you stored your programs on a tape in a tape recorder. Sometimes you would save a program, and not be able to get it back. You used a television for a monitor. I became quite adept at programming in BASIC.My first IBM compatible computer was a 386 20mhz with 4 Megs ram, 40 meg hard drive, 14" monitor. I got a second 286 computer shortly thereafter, which I ran a computer bulletin board off of. Those were some good times!

  9. 😆 Nearly forgot I had BBS too. :sherlock: That was after my ITT 2020 and ZX spectrum.I bought my IBM AT and built my own 1200 baud modem from a kit.

  10. Originally posted by p.mansoor:

    Nearly forgot I had BBS too.

    Good grief, is that the badge of a geek, or what. I had one for a bit, but it never made it to the TABBS list. TABBS stands for "Tacoma Area BBS." I was constantly amazed at how thorough the compilation was. The guy that compiled the list — Rich Langsford — and and his BBS, Amocat were legends in the Puget Sound for many years.The WWW killed the BBS. I miss some of the old door games. And the ANSI art of some of the boards was simply amazing. I remember sending off FidoNet mail, and waiting excitedly for responses from around the world. TABBS list — June 1995 edition.

  11. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    TABBS list — June 1995 edition

    Tacoma was hoppin'!I see many topics on the list I'd like to explore right now. 😎

  12. NathanRodriguez

    Hard times, taked days to download some megabytes over a dialup…Nostalgic !

  13. My first PC was a Commodore 64, too. I had it during my high school years and it also made it with me through college. To this day I still have it and fire it up every now and again. Still works great and is a wonderful reminder of how far technology has come.

  14. Originally posted by NathanRodriguez:

    taked days to download some megabytes over a dialup

    I remember upgrading Netscape was a l-o-n-g download. I'd start it flowing in on dialup and go out for dinner. Hours later I'd come back home and find that the modem had dropped the line and would have to start over again.

  15. Oh you bad people…you made me cry:((.I miss those old day. When i recived my first computer.The only thing that i still know in present is that it was a Compaq.For me it was like a form of alien device lol I was 7 years old.I did't even knew how it looks on the inside. The only things that i was using it was playing the famous DOOM, Dave and listening to music.After that, i don't remember what have i done with it like me memmorie was wiped out. All that I remeber is that when my mom went in spain for work, she send money to my father, and he made me a part-by-part PC.That was in… ~2001 or 2. With a Intel 2.0 processor, 1GB RAM and 80GB HDD. And since than i never changet anithing on it and still, my father is using it every day since 2008 when i wenth my-self in spain and bought me a MEDION PC with Inter 2.2 Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB HD. If you stay and think about it and make some maths, the things evolved extremly fast.And for about 4 years ago, this thing started to get to me more than ever. It all started when i heard about the hackers, and one of them hacked into my PC and stoled all my messenger passwords, site passwords, etc. and thats what got me where i am today, on this blog:yes: searching for real computer hackers (in the legit way of the word) to learn from them, and do my best to catch those mallicious users that make harm. Damn I wish I knew the things I know now, back in 2000:cry: IF someone else wants to share more greate memories you know where to find me:))

  16. My first real home computer was an apex/epson 286 with a cga monitor and 9600 baud modem. Those were the days. If I remember correctly it had a Norton OS with a fairly simple gui. To warp even further back in time my first computers per say were the Vic 20 and Commodore 64, I could actually rent games for it at the time that came on cassette tapes lol. Pretty high tech for the time, the cassette tapes could hold way more info than the big floppys…those were the days.

  17. Is anyone here a colectionist? I remembered that I have a 1960 Extra 5.25" Tow Sided floppy disket with DOS 5.0 Uninstaller on it for a commodore 64 i think. Any one interesed?

  18. This PC is a classic! Do you still have it? If you do I'm sure in a few years you can give it up for a good price!

  19. Originally posted by radicalhacker:

    IF someone else wants to share more greate memories you know where to find me:))

    Good story! :up: :pirate: I looked at your workstation in your photo gallery. It looks like it has several useful items around: FBI warning, ashtray with butts, coffee mug, and I think I see evidence of snacks. I approve!All it lacks is a jug to pee in so you don't have to run to the bathroom.I, too, used to love DOOM. I liked to crank the volume when it got intense.

  20. Ya sorry about the mess in the room. It was just right after a party and you know how it looks after that, but, it's all nice and cleaned now:love: By the way, im looking for volunteers to help me develop my own grid network to use it between computer geeks. If is there anyone interesed contact me:P

  21. It's me again. Can someone please tell my how can I install Windows 3.11 on a 6.22 DOS?I can't install it becouse i have the windows in ISO format and the DOS can't read the setup file of it dosen't know where to look for it.In the tutorials they all have the windows in .dks or .vfd file format but i can't find nothing anyware!When I boot the system it promts me with the: C:>where im suposed to typeC:>setupand it says invalid comand or filename.or from a floppy:C:>A:A:setupwitch i don't have:(If one of you guys still have at home the diskets, or have any ideea on how to fix this problem, please contact me:cry:

  22. Originally posted by radicalhacker:

    It's me again. Can someone please tell my how can I install Windows 3.11 on a 6.22 DOS?

    Hey. Always good to hear from you.I like a good problem to solve, though I don't know about this one. If you get a solution, try to come back and post what worked, or post to your blog. Either way it will get indexed so others can find it. I find that Google can index a myopera post in about two minutes.

  23. I managed to install the 3.11 but, you can only install it if you have the diskette image and a virtual machine application that can let you insert ISO and DSK (diskette image)…If you want to test it too, PM me and i will give you the ISO DOS 6.22 VMware and the 8 windows3.11 diskettes ;)But, as this problem was fixed…i have another one. O friend of mine has a Medion MD 6927 Notebook PC from 2001. His windows is toasted and, same thing with the optical drive. I tryied to install the windows but i found out that tha USB boot instalation was not supported when the laptop was build.And i can't acces the DOS too.If some of you guys have any ideea, please help me 😦

  24. I also had something that looked similar. It was a DEC, refurbished, server from a local school board, Win 95. I added a modem and more memory then Win 98 Visual Basic and Forth to programme with.
    Saddened when Compaq bought them :(. Who the heck were they? (Tandy?) DEC Unix machines were still running at my work even after HP bought Compaq. I remember the old browsers… to get around cookies you pointed to a Folder named “cookies.txt” with the other something equally easy.
    Still use an IBM CD760 for my ’90’s Cad programme, latest version and updates to Win 98 :D.

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