ice cold beer

It's been brutally cold here for a few days. These cans were sitting in a ditch by my truck this morning. They are stuck down halfway in frozen water. Thirsty? :beer: :jester:

Reach into the frozen muck and get yourself a beer. You can have a Miller High Life or a Heineken. :p

5 responses to “ice cold beer

  1. OOOps David. Drinking beer in cold weather. You wanna get sick or bad throat?Beer is not really good for throat in cold weather.But when someone wants to have fun then a beer can is good. 😀

  2. You could always try playing "kick the can" with them when they thaw out….lmao

  3. Do you keep your beer in the ditch to keep it cold?

  4. Remember "neer beer"? :cheers:

  5. Don't like Heineken Lager, give me a Trappistes Rochefort from Belgium. And in a glass please.Mucho better :beer:

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