restickering the pickup

About twice a year I swap out the stickers on the rear window of the pickup truck. I keep it low key, no more than two or three at a time. Skulls, Jolly Rogers, and skeletal fish are favorites, but the current crop is a little different.

Image #1: the overview featuring the current new set of three.
Restickering the Pickup

Image #2: Ahhh, Queen. They were good boyz. The word "queen" being on my truck could be a slight double entendre. :p
Restickering the Pickup

Image #3: Area 51 and Soma FM.
Restickering the Pickup

Image #4: closeup of the Area 51 sticker for all you fans of extraterrestrial life.
Restickering the Pickup

2 responses to “restickering the pickup

  1. Love it!!

  2. A51 stickers FTW

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