powerful phobia continues

An EXTREME fear of running out of toilet paper. This has happened before in this post.

Looky! 120 DOUBLE rolls! It's not the brand I'd normally buy, but I got 'em all for free. :up:

17 responses to “powerful phobia continues

  1. You've run out of toilet paper before :yikes:

  2. 😆 Glad I took another quick break from packing. It gave me a laugh. I have the same phobia….well, not in my own house, although I have, on occasion had two 24 roll packs in my linen closet at times. Years ago, I remember stopping to use gas station toilets and there been no tp. Luckily, I always seemed to have a few tissues, or napkins from restaurants in my purse. Since then, I always have a roll in my car glove compartment. Think I'll put more in when I begin the 1700 mi journey. Just remembered how different it is in Vietnam. Some homes have 'normal' bathroom toilets but many places out of the neighborhood had just a hole in the ground going to a 'pond' of sorts. Lotus flowers grow very well in these 'ponds'. It's very difficult for older Americans to squat over these holes. The older Vietnamese have been doing it all their lives. You see them squatting at low tables for eating.

  3. howd u getem free lol

  4. Holy shit!

  5. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Holy shit!

    Holy shit indeed Dave. I'm reading your post right after finishing my own post. Do we have some kind of telepathy here? I just wrote about the same subject without knowing you were too!This sure is a skyscraper of toiletpaper you got there. :yikes: 😆 Hi Pam, good to see you here 🙂

  6. Lol, all fun comments on such a good subject. Jan, I just went to your blog….that's WEIRD! We're both posting about TP, lol. 😆 Originally posted by Pam:

    many places out of the neighborhood had just a hole in the ground going to a 'pond' of sorts

    Pam, I cannot use those holes without freaking out. I'll walk miles to find a Western toilet before I'll use one of those. If it's a true emergency, of course anything will do. Absolutely anything!Originally posted by selurus:

    You've run out of toilet paper before

    I get anxious when I get down to even one entire package. I never would have made it in those long lines to buy necessities in the former Cold War USSR.Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Holy shit!

    Josh, even when you're just putting two words together, you're the master wordsmith. :up: :heart: Originally posted by Travis1988:

    howd u getem free lol

    By redeeming rewards points from an office supply store. I buy all my work stuff there with company money, but when it comes time to redeem points for personal use, the store has nothing I want, so I buy some necessity like TP. Can you believe to get the best price and use an extra coupon, I had to get them shipped to my home! Six large boxes on my porch today. Had I gone to the store, I would have had to pay more.

  7. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Holy shit!

    Sums it up. 😀

  8. wow…wtg on getting them for free

  9. Damn straight it sums it up! 🙄 😆

  10. I have the same fear………. I've run out and it's not fun…… Was running low thought I would make it the weekend…… Daughter had 3…… Yes count them THREE! …. girls over…… Had to call a friend and ask them to bring me a roll cause I ran out…… 😥

  11. it is especially disastrous when your sitting on the can and you're in the middle of #2 (as the babies call it) and you go to reach for the TP and its NOT there.That is DISASTROUS let alone, trying to find someone in the house to bring you some more, if there is anyone else in the house.

  12. 3 more 20-packs came yesterday in addition to what's seen in the picture. I ordered 6 packages but only received 3. A week later, the store decided to reship the missing 3, so I received those right away, then the next day the missing 3 showed up.Now I have 180 double rolls (above pic shows 120)! I'll let the store contact me if they want the extra 3 packages back. I doubt they will. The customer service was weak and lethargic.

  13. Now that Charmin has changed its name to Cushelle (at least in the UK) these could become collecters items

  14. Hasn't changed that I know of here in the US

  15. This is the best one for me. Good value, there's a lot on the roll, and not too rough on the ass. Scott's 1000. :p There are a 1000 sheets on that mo'. :up:

  16. I buy Scott!

  17. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    I buy Scott!

    Must be part of the reason you have a nice ass!Hehe. I had to say it.

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