late-night eats

They aren't the type places I like to stop during the day when there are choices, but late at night, or out in the middle of nowhere, a Huddle House or Waffle House can seem like an oasis when there's nothing else around. They never close.

It isn't necessary to order something from the menu. You can just tell them what you want, and you'll often get a nicer meal as a result. I often like a giant customized BLT on Texas toast with a big-azz coffee. :coffee:

I stopped at this one before heading back to the hotel. In the morning, the hotel will have a free breakfast and I can eat again!

13 responses to “late-night eats

  1. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    in the middle of nowhere…

    :alien: At first sight, you do not adore the choice. Then give a groundbreaking praise. Something changed in between … 🙄 Maybe you were angry and hungry only before the second paragraph? 😀

  2. Originally posted by igor-michigan:

    At first sight, you do not adore the choice. Then give a groundbreaking praise. Something changed in between

    It all depends on the availability of alternatives as to whether these places are attractive as a place to eat. During the day when everything is open, and especially in urban areas where there is a selection of places, I would not stop at either of the two places listed above. If I'm driving late at night and haven't seen anything to eat for a long time and I'm hungry, they can seem quite good, almost inviting.

  3. cute name, the Huddle House :up:

  4. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    cute name, the Huddle House

    Huddle your stomach the next day! Ouch.

  5. All this reminds me of a Burger King in Mexico. Usually I find Burger King at least mildly depressing. Many of them in my area are run down with the employees and their friends almost living in the lobby. BK generally is not my first pick for that type of food.Anyway, Brian and I had been driving all over the very rural Yucatan of Mexico for days. We'd been driving all day that day in the powerful heat when we spotted the sign below. There was no question that day of what was for lunch. It was cold as hell in there (the A/C) and half full of Germans. 😆 The Whoppers seemed like the best food ever, and the BIG bonus, all-you-can-drink fountain sodas, a rarity there. It was a sumptuous and exciting meal. Compare that feeling to the depressing BK's back home. It's all in the situation, I guess.Burger King in Escárcega, Campeche, México:

  6. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    cold as hell

    😀 😀 😀 😀 Then you make me want to go to hell, indeed. You, I bet, can't even imagine how much I want to.An one more detail. I notice you again exposed all this indispensable pleasure of getting from hot greasy "driving-all-the-day" to the promised prize – "drinking-eating-all-the-way". Seems like having learned to do it so easy and not artificially is the matter of special life experience… 😆

  7. I've never even heard of Huddle House before. They look like they're trying to look like nighthawk diners.Only bigger.

  8. Originally posted by Deke:

    nighthawk diners

    Another good name for one of these places. :up: There's a frozen food product line at the supermarket called Nighthawk. It's burritos and pizzas and such. Every time I see the packaging and name, I think of a predator bird homing in on a kill for some dinner.

  9. 😆 Great way to put me off my dinner!

  10. The quality of food, I find, is almost always proportional to the degree of hunger and choice…

  11. True. At 4 in the morning motorway service stations seem really inviting, even though all they have to eat is what's left of the food they cooked at 4 in the afternoon the previous day, a time at which it would never enter my head to actually go in to one.

  12. "…jar of pickled pigs feet soaking in a cloudy broth with a set of tongs hanging off the side of it"EEEEEEUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH :yuck:

  13. Well said Deke and HG.Around here in convenience stores, still called "curb markets", even at 4am there will still be old hot dogs twirling around under a hot light. The REAL southern specialty is a large nasty-looking jar of pickled pigs feet soaking in a cloudy broth with a set of tongs hanging off the side of it. All the marijuana in the world wouldn't make me hungry enough to eat a wet pig's foot. DAG nasty looking.

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