pitiful dog

Sometimes she just lays around trying to cop a pitiful look.

7 responses to “pitiful dog

  1. decodedthought

    craving for attention 😉

  2. CaptainPenguin

    Got one just as pathetic especially when we ae eating and it goes in starving dog mode

  3. I :heart: Lucy

  4. Originally posted by CaptainPenguin:

    starving dog mode

    I'm going to start using that phrase. :up:

  5. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    I Lucy

    Lucy, Ricky, Fred, Ethel.One of my favorites is the "Hatchet Murderess" episode where Lucy is acting goofy at a diner in the south, trying to covertly tell the owner that she's in the company of a killer.The owner says: "Y'aaaaal must be from the north." 😆

  6. operainchicago

    and don't forget "piquito Ricky" (good attempt at Spanish) 😆

  7. hes lovely just like my dog lol, he acts like hes the king of everything

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