memorial day pig frenzy, aka a pig pickin

I swear, no more pork after this week, but we were invited to this pig pickin', and there's no reason to ever turn down homemade barbecue.

Image #1: this other myopera guy went in a kilt, or was it a field hockey skirt? :p

Image #2: Chris, the celebrated chef and host, shows off his homebrew oven and three pork shoulders cooking.

Image #3: Dogs! They acted as miniature Hoovers for anything that was dropped.

Image #4: the men hanging around the meat. It must be man meat! Who's ready for some man meat? 😀

Image #5: 200 degrees and counting. It's nearly done.

Image #6: the smoke makes it good.

Image #7: How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat? The barbecue is ready.

Image #8: chop, chop, chop!

Image #9: the remains.

10 responses to “memorial day pig frenzy, aka a pig pickin

  1. holdencaulfield3

    I'm a bit sad to see that they burnt a sheet of perfectly good plywood to smoke the meat… smoked meat = 1trees = 0

  2. It took a helluva lot more wood than that to power that oven. 🙂

  3. Looks like a good chow down 😀

  4. holdencaulfield3

    Originally posted by hungryghost:

    Image #4: the men hanging around the meat. It must be man meat! Who's ready for some man meat?

    do I dare ask for your definition of "man meat"….this bit that follows was added later…I did google it and found this sentence as an example for the definition…"Dude get your MANMEAT out of my mouth!" question: the guy in the middle in image # 7 looks interesting… is he interesting ?

  5. The "man meat" thing was stolen from an episode of the US TV series, "The Office." They were having an office "cookout" on a George Foreman grill and Micheal Scott yelled it out. Originally posted by holdencaulfield3:

    question: the guy in the middle in image # 7 looks interesting… is he interesting ?

    Yep, he's sweet, loving, and friends with everybody. He hosts the quarterly pig pickings.

  6. operainchicago

    love the pink floyd reference 🙂

  7. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    love the pink floyd reference

    Somebody kept yelling that pudding thing out while we all were eating. My favorite part of that song is the transatlantic phone call to England. The overseas signaling tones that the operator used were real. It's the geek in me that notices such things. I used to place overseas calls just to hear and analyze them but would hang up before the other end answered unless I had something special on the line. Shhhh! Secret. I was a weird teenager.

  8. holdencaulfield3

    watched the original "the office" on the BBC…have cable TV and get channels from a lot of european countries…have never seen the american version…. have seen the american and british versions of"Queer as Folk"… they are different… but both are great… do you have any other photos of the guy in #7… so I can have a better look… see if he's as good as I think… could have been his best angle in #7…and he's a real dog…I love references… like Pink Floyd… but not enough to know their lyrics… bummer… left out again… ha ha…(-:like "manmeat" will use it sometime… could do variations… guy-meat… twink-meat….now you tell us… you're a bloody "geek"… I'll have to think about making comments here now… talk to my lawyers… would there be legal implications… do you come with a certificate… are you safe with children under 30…how do I know you're really a geek… you could just be saying that to get sympathy… geeks are so popular now… everyone wants to be a geek…you'll hate me… PROVE IT !!!!!just aaron (from a nice place to be)

  9. Originally posted by BryanCox:

    Wow, does that look good!

    Thanks! Chris has these things quarterly. I'm already ready for the next one.

  10. Been busy working Dave, so I am late in reading this. Wow, does that look good!!!!!!!!!

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