finally i can run opera mini 5

Yay! My previous LG mobile (LG Rumor) was a pleasure to use, though it would only run Opera Mini 4. After 22 months, a discount is given towards a new handset to get you back under contract, so I got another LG, the Rumor Touch. It has a nice big touchscreen, decent camera, and a slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard. Heck, I don't even know what it does yet, I've only had it for an hour now.

Best things: it will run Opera Mini 5, and it's not a smartphone, so it will use my old and cheap data plan. At this point I'm not a smartphone person. I like web browsing, text mania, and camera snaps. This new one works very well. The GUI seems super fast and easy.

More ramblings and clearer pics later. I took this pic with my netbook webcam. Opera Mini 5 is on the screen.

14 responses to “finally i can run opera mini 5

  1. I thought all LG's are a bit laggy?

  2. Good luck with mini 5. When I first down loaded/up loaded (can never remember) I was so very impressed but it kept crashing. I then tried to put the old 4.2version back on but as a bit of a twat when it comes to that sort of thing my nokia 2730 classic would only put newest version on in the end I put old version on memory card in phone and now run it from there. Long tale that was lol. I have new phone nokia classic locked to t mobile now that has 4.2 built in but with loads of t mobil adverts so still use a copy on memory card.

  3. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    I thought all LG's are a bit laggy?

    It seems OK to me but I don't have much to compare it to. Wondering what you mean by laggy? Laggy netwise, responding to key presses, opening apps? It's not an expensive device, but seems good for me.Originally posted by Stevepr203:

    Good luck with mini 5.

    Thanks. It's quite a change from 4. Thank goodness for opera link. Kabamm and it's all in there. It still makes me chuckle to edit opera bookmarks online with the netbook and see the data icon flicker on opera mini as I do it.

  4. decodedthought


  5. Opera Mini 4 was good though. I read so much stuff online while way out in the boonies waiting for a job to start. It would even access online banking ok, and the catalog at the public library.

  6. operainchicago

    nice phone Dave :yes:

  7. Congrats and enjoy the new Opera Mini. I still prefer to use v4.2 mostly.

  8. Since my Sony Ericsson W518a can run Java applications very well, I use Opera Mini 5. 😀

  9. I would have bought Palm Pre. Anyways, it's your choice. I only use om4.2. I didn't like om5.

  10. And, what I meant for the lagging – the performance of the phone. I'm curious about the network, too.

  11. The Palm Pre looks great and sounds fun, but it would increase my costs a lot. The keyboard is too small for my fingers.I sometimes chuckle at some of the Blackberries I see around. They are WIDE! Far too big, but it seems to be a businessman favorite. Fortunately I'm not that professional, lol.Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    And, what I meant for the lagging – the performance of the phone. I'm curious about the network, too.

    I've never had a hot phone to compare it to. It's the best one I've had so far, but that may not be saying a lot. It doesn't use Sprint's latest data offerings, so I assume the net speed is not awesome, but for running a browser and transmitting pics, it's plenty for me.Ramble:I was sure pleased when data and text roaming were eliminated years ago. Used to you really had to watch it or get cleaned out at the end of the month. Now there's really no roaming, well, on voice they still break it down like that, but the right plan or add-on eliminates extra charges.The craziest thing is 20 cents per text to/from an international number. That adds up real fast. I can get a text to slip through to Cuba and Iran sometimes. :whistle: Sometimes they go, sometimes not.Sprint roaming in Mexico is $1 per minute. Handy for a quick call, but you better stop off at a net cafe for a long chat. The data and text would not work the last time I was in Mexico. It works for those with Mex carriers, but not for me on a roam.It's weird how places are. I was at a jungle archaeological site in Chiapas, Mexico, not far from Guatemala, and I turned on my phone just out of curiosity, and it rang! That place was very far out, too.I'm rambling. I like phone trivia.

  12. T mobile in uk do a deal free unlimited internet and text as long as you put £10 a month on pre pay phone but you still get the £10 to use on calls

  13. Way to go guy! Cheers, Pete:up:

  14. Hey Pete. 😎

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