cancun mexico en julio

Yep, we have scheduled a trip to Cancun in July. Don't you want to come and hang out, too? More friends means more fun! We can show you the ropes on cocktail acquisition, food gluttony, beach slothing, drag shows, pyramid visiting, whatever. 😉

Sometimes friends ask how we have gone to Cancun so many times over the years, like it's some rich man's vacation. Well, these same people go to Myrtle Beach every year, and we probably spend the same, or maybe even less, then they do. We just know WTF to do (like a cheap-azz hotel in the downtown). The main hurdle is usually the airfare. This year $445 RT on Delta is about as good as it gets from North Carolina.

So, come on! We'll wait for ya.

5 responses to “cancun mexico en julio

  1. Originally posted by holdencaulfield3:

    went to Guadalajara when I was 18

    Love Guadalajara. :up: ¡Qué lindo es Jalisco!Originally posted by holdencaulfield3:

    served beer in bottles… on the plane

    The shuttles from the Cancun airport to the hotel zone or the downtown usually have beer on board. I usually pass. I can wait 45 minutes till I get to the hotel.

  2. holdencaulfield3

    so Cancun is in Mexico… went to Guadalajara when I was 18…hitch-hiked down from Canada… to Laredo Texas…took an airplane from there… very cheap… Mexican airlines….served beer in bottles… on the plane… very relaxed…

  3. operainchicago

    on Southwest bags fly free :yes:

  4. holdencaulfield3

    Originally posted by operainchicago:

    on Southwest bags fly free

    if I'd known that bags fly free on Southwest…I would never have moved back to europe…

  5. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    on Southwest bags fly free

    This is a big plus when flying within the USA. I'm fortunate that my employer covers the charge for one bag on other carriers when flying on business, which won't apply for the Cancun trip, which is personal.I'm flying Delta to Cancun, and their website says "no charge" on international, but I'll believe it when I see it.Southwest, in general, is one of the better carriers, in my opinion. The only drawback was/is that the unassigned zone seating was always like a cattle call and you had to wait standing in line a long time to get a good seat. One time I had to take the reverse-facing seat on the exit row on a cross-country trip. My back hurt for days. I think they are the only ones that had that awful arrangement.Sometimes I really miss Eastern Airlines and Piedmont.

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