bryan cox personal watermelon

This post won't mean much to anyone except Bryan, the inventor of the personal-sized roast.

Here's a personal watermelon for ya. I whipped out the camera when I saw them in the supermarket tonight. It's hardly a meal, but every now and then we must eat some fruit, *gasp*. I didn't buy one though. Most supermarket fruit is reasonably nasty, especially in the off season. :down: Five bucks for that little thing? It must be the transportation cost, plus the lack of subsidy for anything that's not on the hoof.

10 responses to “bryan cox personal watermelon

  1. decodedthought


  2. Excellent. Ha Ha Ha.Now if you bought one and filled it with vodka, that would be …….

  3. Just the thing to wash down all that barbeque with!

  4. Wow, that seems pricey! I do love watermelon but never buy it because my fridge is small and I'd have to take everything off the top shelf just to fit in the melon. And the few times I've tried their cut up melons in containers has been a major disappointment. It almost tastes like the melons have fermented. Gross. I did buy one of these small ones once but not at that price. To me, it didn't seem as sweet as regular melon.

  5. operainchicago

    Water melon and Canucks victory last night…yummy!

  6. Watermelon rind pickles are good, though hard to find.

  7. decodedthought

    Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Watermelon rind pickles

    :ko:never heard of it :ko:

  8. About how big are they? It's hard to tell from the photo. Like softballs, maybe?

  9. Originally posted by nategreggers:

    About how big are they? It's hard to tell from the photo. Like softballs, maybe?

    A tad bigger than a softball. What would be the next ball size up? Volleyball would be too big.

  10. I still haven't been able to think of a ball between soft and volley.

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