music on a lazy sunday afternoon

The Philharmonia of Greensboro performed a pops concert Sunday, so I went. Though aimed at children, the adults also had a good time. Children were encouraged to wear pajamas (AKA "pj's" or "jammies") and many sat on blankets on the floor directly in front of the orchestra. It was meant to be an informal and fun show, which it was.

Sunday's concert was entitled "Animals Who Love Music", and the selections played all had to do with animals.

Here is the animal-themed (in one way or another) repertoire that was performed:

  • Die Fledermaus – Johann Strauss
  • Swan Lake – Peter Tchaikovsky
  • Chicken Reel – Leroy Anderson
  • CATcerto – Mindaugas Piecaitis
  • The Waltzing Cat – Leroy Anderson
  • Memories from Cats – Andrew Lloyd Weber
  • Cruella De Vil – Mel Leven
  • Mother Goose Suite – Maurice Ravel
  • Beauty and the Beast – Howard Ashman
  • Carmen Suite No. 1 "The Toreador" – Georges Bizet
  • Baby Elephant Walk From Mancini Memories – Henry Mancini
  • Firebird Suite – Igor Stravinsky
  • William Tell Overture – Gioacchino Rossini

Image #1: a small and informal venue.

Image #2: Reedplayernc played clarinet.

Images #3 and #4: the parking deck next to the arts center obviously had some of the musician's cars parked there.

One response to “music on a lazy sunday afternoon

  1. Great set :up:I envy the ability to pay an instrument, which I think is very rewarding.As for the license plates, I'll censor myself, it's still early day 😉

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