my new ava gardner museum swag

Usually my "card carrying" memberships are for organizations that are considered to be at least mildly subversive, but here's one that is mostly just unusual. It's for the Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Ava Gardner was a leading Hollywood actress and made a lot of movies for MGM. I frequently travel through Smithfield, NC, and kept noticing the museum carrying her name. I finally went in there one day and discovered it to be much nicer than I ever expected.

Once each year, the museum hosts a weekend celebration called "Ava Fest." During the fest, you can see many of her movies in the same movie house in which she saw movies as a child and young lady. There are tours of nearby places she lived as well as her grave site. The museum has on display lots of things from her life and career. It's all rather fun.

I most remember Ava for her leading role in the film The Night of the Iguana. In this riveting film, she played alongside such heavies as: Richard Burton, Deborah Kerr, and Sue Lyon. I've seen this film many many times. I swear it has saved my life more then once over the years. It's like good mental therapy to me.

The museum just sent me some swag for 2010. Here it is!

Ava Gardner Museum Swag

Ava Gardner Museum Swag

Ava Gardner Museum Swag

Ava Gardner Museum Swag

12 responses to “my new ava gardner museum swag

  1. Wasn't she married to Sinatra at some point?

  2. Her name show sup in crossword puzzles a lot too!

  3. Originally posted by Shaunak:

    Wasn't she married to Sinatra at some point?

    Sure was.

  4. This is very cool. My dad used to have pictures and clippings of her. I think my sis has those plus a scrapbook of celebrities our mom made. I love old movies so I will have to rent Night of the Iguana. I don't remember seeing it.

  5. It's a weird movie but it fixes what ails me every single timel

  6. shes kinda hot lol (well for a couger)

  7. She was good ,but my favorite is marilyn monroe

  8. You mean she died?! But….but I had lunch with her just last week. N00000000OOOOOOOooooooo!!! Well, then again she did look a little pale.

  9. I sure was I come to find out. The whole restaurant looked at me when I asked her to pick up the tab, but if I was the dead one and she asked me to pick up the tab, I'd be expected to do it. Lousy double standards!

  10. your an idiot if you had lunch with a dead woman

  11. Originally posted by hample87:

    your an idiot if you had lunch with a dead woman

    I guess there are worse things to do with a dead woman (Law and Order – Special Victims Unit).

  12. or csi

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