more nevada pics

This image, taken from the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada, shows a dirt road that seems to lead to nowhere. It goes to a ranch, so a sign said. The famous Area 51 is on the other side of those mountains. You can't go there. There were sometimes "unidentified" vehicles parked on the hilltops.

Road to ?

This is the famous "black mailbox", which is now white. I remember it was seen in the television series, The X-Files. It's a gathering place for UFO seekers.

Wikipedia says about it:

Descending the summit, SR 375 nears the border of the Nellis Air Force Range. As the highway heads northwest through Tikaboo Valley, it meets Mail Box Road. Marked by a single postal drop known as the "black mailbox", the dirt access road leads to the restricted lands surrounding Area 51. The mailbox, which is no longer black, is commonly used as a gathering place for UFO seekers, and two to three UFO sightings per week allegedly occur in the area. SR 375 continues heading northwest from the mailbox, climbing in elevation again to reach the top of Coyote Summit at 5,591 feet (1,704 m).

Lola and the Mailbox

The Infamous Black Mailbox

Just a long scenic view from the same highway. We had to plan the fuel for the truck carefully out here and still ran dangerously low once.

Extraterrestrial Highway

5 responses to “more nevada pics

  1. It sure is desolate out there. Did any other cars ever pass you at all? Is that Yucca Mountain in the top picture?

  2. When I was going to ASU, one of the students presented an installation art piece about Yucca Mountain for his Master's Thesis. I'd never heard of Yucca Mountain before but this student was protesting it. Here's what wiki says: Wish I'd taken a photo of the installation. It was chain link fencing surrounding a bunch of rocks and sand and barrels with paint dripping and oozing out the sides. That was supposed to be the nuclear waste I guess. Also inside the fencing was an ongoing video of Keep Out signs, men in uniform in the distance patrolling a fence and a white patrol type car or SUV. Very interesting. He made his point.

  3. Cars did pass, from time to time. We camped overnight by the road and could see the occasional car approach from many miles away before it reached us. It was slightly frightening for me as we were really alone out there. Several webpages suggested places to park for the night along the ET Highway, stating "you'll have plenty of other campers around", but we were the only ones out there. The deafening silence at night made the approach of a car quite an event.More than once during the night I saw the white SUV mystery vehicles (government?) driving across the desert on dirt roads and zig-zagging over the top of the mountains. During the day I could sometimes spot the brief glimmer of an observation outpost at the top of one of the mountains.I don't know if the mountain in the pic is Yucca or not. It's apparently in the area.

  4. Next time you must come with us. :up:

  5. Beautiful photo of mountains!

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