trailer damage

There were no significant problems during our long road trip to Burning Man, but on the way home some sheet metal began to shear off underneath. We patched it up, sort of, using duct tape and bungees. A wire snapped as a result of the jagged metal, which took out some of the running lights. We were able to fix it in a Burger King parking lot. At least the wire for the trailer brakes wasn't the snapped one. The damage wasn't too bad for a 48 year old travel trailer, but we don't know anything about cutting or installing sheet metal.

Doesn't the wiring look nice and neat? 😆 This is how things go with antiques.

Trailer Damage

7 responses to “trailer damage

  1. "Houston, we have a problem"…..Ground control to major Tom 🙂

  2. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    "Houston, we have a problem"

    I've been around the moon with Tom Hanks about three times now in Apollo 13. It wasn't half bad!

  3. That was very resourceful to patch up the trailer and bring it home in one piece. :up:

  4. It took Mission Control far too long to beam up the fix, so we had to wing it. 😀

  5. We did a similar fix to the conversion van we used to camp in. Used bungies to quick fix the tail pipe in W. Virginia 🙂

  6. We were somewhere in or not too far from W. Virginny when we did the first fix. We felt like a couple of hippies crawling around under the trailer due to its age and the peace symbol license plate and Grateful Dead sticker I have. It was especially comforting to have a car parked nearby that had a bumpersticker on it that said, "marriage = one man, one woman." The occupant of the car looked like he lived in it.

  7. Oh Gawd 😆

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