licking cuba

These images are from a few years ago in Havana, Cuba. For some reason licking some Coppelia ice cream was one of my favorite moments of the trip, so I post (repost?) these pictures due to remembering it again today.

Coppelia ice cream is as close to homemade as you can get. You can slide into a blissful mental state as you slurp it down. What better time to think warm thoughts about the Che and the Revolution. 😀

Coppelia was where part of the movie Strawberry and Chocolate was filmed.

The image below shows some friends seated at the tourist "speed-service" area. The prices were much higher, but you could eat right away. To get to the real part of Coppelia where most of the Cubans went, you had to wait in long lines as the crowds were huge. Buses dropped off scores of schoolchildren every few minutes to get their ice cream. We decided to pay the price and not fight it.

Delvis, Alex and Brian

Coppelia Ice Cream

3 responses to “licking cuba

  1. Is it as good as Stone Cold Creamery?

  2. ¡Mejorrrrr! Lots! :up:

  3. what a clever concept. So capitalist :p

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