hecho en michoacan

I was talking with José at work the other day and was intrigued by one of his tattoos, so he graciously stretched out his hand to let me photograph it. He patterned the tattoo on the "Hecho en Mexico" (Made in Mexico) symbol that is seen on many Mexican products and is seen in the second image below in green. He changed it to "Echo en Michoacán for the tattoo because he was born (or made) there. I thought that was as cool as sliced bread. :up:

5 responses to “hecho en michoacan

  1. Do schools at michoacan teach orthography?

  2. Originally posted by FoxM:

    Do schools at michoacan teach orthography?

    I was guessing that the echo vs. hecho might be a colloquial or more street language type of thing, but I don't know, really. I was attracted to the oddness of it.I don't know anything about the school system in Mexico, but I see the telesecundarias all over the place in rural Mexico. I think it's some type of television/satellite distance learning. I wonder if that could really be effective. It might be a "lot better than nothing" type of thing.

  3. I do have a friend who when to a telesecundaria and she is one of the smartest person I ever met.She also speaks three languages like me!!!This is the first time I see someone write Echo En Michoacan instead of Hecho En Michoacan…

  4. omg!!! a fulllife tatoo with an ortography mistake!!!!! how could they do tHAT???? for godsake…:D

  5. Oh well, the "h" is silent anyway. I liked the guy and his unique tattoo.

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