lots of xubuntu, lots!

This post and this one chronicle my getting involved with Xubuntu over my 4-day holiday weekend. This is the first major desktop change I've made in about a decade since I came off of the Window Maker desktop and became a diehard KDE fan for what seems like forever.

I do love KDE. It is sweet, techno looking, snazzy, etc, but with release 4 and the plasma desktop, it was starting to drag along on my machine, and a lot of things just didn't work so well anymore.

There's a lot to be said for running things that have an emphasis on a light footprint even if your machine has enough power to run the heavy stuff. On that note, in marches Xubuntu with its Xfce desktop. I'm seriously impressed! My machine is back up to full speed again, and "everything just works". w00t! That phrase, "everything just works", always used to pertain to Slackware, which I ran forever, but now Xubuntu is there, too.

I couldn't be more freakin' pleased. This page even told me the easy way to purge all the old Ubuntu and Kubuntu stuff off of my machine and get it to an almost virginal Xubuntu install state. My main computer went from Slack to Ubuntu, then Kubuntu, and this weekend, to Xubuntu. There were a lot of remnants on my system, and I like things to be pretty pure. I was wanting to get it more default-ish Xubuntu, and by golly, it was a snap.

It's been a lot of fun, and it's like my computer has become mine again. Everything snaps right to attention, and the hard drive thrash is all gone. Functionality remains as high as ever.

BTW, Linux tweaking still goes best with beer. :cheers: Xubuntu is on every computer in the house now, except for the Sylvania netbook, which needs to remain with Ubuntu Netbook Remix due to being a netbook! 😆

4 responses to “lots of xubuntu, lots!

  1. Hi sir! I downloded xubuntu 8.10(it dloaded first against the 9.04). I have the alternate cd iso and burn it on a disc. While installing, I am always stuck with the partitioning page. I don't want the entire disk because I need my windows. I selected the one with the 'large continuous space' but after I hit enter, it gives me a failure message, partitioning failed. Xubuntu cannot be installed along with windows? Can u tell me what's the prob?

  2. Yes, it can be installed alongside Windows. I did one like that just 2 weeks ago.I remember the partitioning step caused us to stop for a second as the wording on the partitioning editor confused us. We ended up getting it right, though I can't remember now what happened.Unfortunately I'd have to be sitting there and seeing what's going on to tell you what to do as it was a step we just blew through after stopping for a second.There must be a HOWTO somewhere that explains things with less confusion.Do be careful. A wrong move can wipe out your Windows partition.

  3. Ok. I am searching the web and it seems there are only few entries with this prob. Thanks for the response.

  4. Does this help any?https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootIt seems like the good stuff is under these headers:Resizing partitions with Windows Vistaand Resizing Partitions Using the Ubuntu Installer

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