letter from cuba with lada stamp

I got a letter from a friend in Cuba this week. He always selects stamps that are interesting to me. This time one of the stamps was of a Lada car. I've always had a fondness for those Ladas. I think it would be a COOL car to have here in the USA. I've posted about those Ladas before. :love:

Cuban stamp with Lada:

Cuban Stamps with Lada Car

19 responses to “letter from cuba with lada stamp

  1. 😎 :cat: too

  2. Lada flattens cat. :rip: Scissors cut paper.Paper wraps rock.Rock breaks scissors.

  3. huh?

  4. lada looks like very classical car~:)and second stamp is japanese painting,right??

  5. Cuba's got some very groovy stamps. For some reason i was expecting to see a hammer and sickle on a red background……:D

  6. For some reason i was expecting to see a hammer and sickle on a red background

    That always gets the heart stirring! 😀

  7. Those cats make a nice Cuban dish that they call "paella cubana gatociense". :cat: :chef: :devil: I made that up. 😀 I ate a lot of pizza in Cuba. Any time we were in the Vedado section of Havana, we wolfed down as much Coppelia ice cream as we could handle. It's the world's best.Nobody was eating the kitties. :p

  8. whatta lovely looking siamese cat!

  9. LOLThat's too funny – so why Pizza though? that's not typical cuban fare is it?

  10. There was a pizzeria near where we were staying, so I guess the frequency of eating it was due to location. The pizzas were inexpensive and good. The spaghetti was also good, and the lasagna.Chinatown wasn't too far away either. Havana has a large Chinatown, and the food selection there was very good. By tourist standards it was very cheap to eat in Chinatown, so we were able so scare up loads of our Cuban friends for a night out there from time to time. They enjoyed the treat, and we enjoyed being able to do it without secretly worrying about breaking the bank. We also ate a lot of deli sandwiches, chicken, rice, fries…..It's been years now, and I'm forgetting what all we ate. We flew over from Cancun, which is a food lover's paradise. Havana isn't comparable to Cancun as far as eating, but it was far better than I had expected it to be.I need to write up that trip on the blog sometime. It was unique and interesting to me.

  11. All Lada's have heated rear windows. Apparently it's to keep your hands warm when you push them.

  12. Lol. There aren't any Ladas around here to push on, but I've pushed a lot of Volkswagens, Triumphs, Toyotas, and one Austin-Healey.

  13. THey have a chinatown in Cuba? Oh wait. That's probably not too surprising actually whe I think about it. Some friends went to Cuba and reported that the food selection wasn't that great anymore, and expensive too because everything is imported from the Eastern Bloc.

  14. CaptainPenguin

    Thats the fist time I have heard the words Lada and cool in the same sentenc end you do not want one,,trust me they are the biggest bag of nails ever built .Why do you think Cubans drive 50's American cars

  15. Sometimes there is a lot of pride in keeping the impossible running.

  16. You can get one with a sunroof – they call it a garbage dumpster.. I toured Britain in one in 91. They don't do over 65mph LOL. I had twin webbers and Wolfrace wheels just for a laugh. The starter cog is made of stronger metal than the main gearbox flywheel – so it wrecks it slowly. Everything else on it is similar. They were ok with Fiat…won rallies in the 60's & 70's…then they let it go to Russia.

  17. The heaters were wonderful though. Built for Russian winters. After 10 minutes running you could make toast over the air vents.

  18. Or melt the back off any radio / speakers you installed.. =o}

  19. That too

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