waking up to club music

Woke up this morning and flipped on the usual streaming net radio, Soma FM. Juliet's "Avalon" (Jacques Lu Cont remix) was on. What a nice way to get moving in the morning. "Avalon" reminds me of being in a nice heavily air-conditioned club in the summer, while sipping on a cold cocktail with some Hpnotiq in it, and watching some nice "culo" go by. :devil:

5 responses to “waking up to club music

  1. i like to wake up to darude-sandstorm

  2. That's a good one. I hear it at the club sometimes. Grab a chilly green/blue drink!

  3. bartender get me a sex on the beach

  4. I never order that one because it would make me feel funny to say that, even as filthy as my mind is. Same goes for a screaming orgasm, or a sloe comfortable screw up against the wall.

  5. Fine bartender get me vodka with cranberry juice…

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