puppy linux 4.20 is out

As usual, Puppy Linux runs great on the Sylvania Meso netbook. I've posted about this slick portable Linux distro before, here, here, and here. The latest version, 4.20, is available for download here.

It installs easily on a CD or USB flash drive, and saves itself back every time, so even though it's not a permanent hard drive install (though it can be), you can keep all your changes.

I previously had Puppy 4.12 on my flash drive, so the upgrade was a snap. I downloaded the .iso file and extracted three files to the USB drive: initrd.gz, vmlinux, and pup_420.sfs. A quick reboot and I was up and running with 4.20. If it's your first install to a USB drive, the Puppy installer will take care of the flash drive for you. See the documentation.

The Puppy is a fast and portable way to have some Linux fun. It's especially nice if you are just wanting to try it out without making changes to your existing system. It handles the wireless just fine and knows what to do with about anything I jack into the USB ports. The default window manager, JVM, is prettier than ever, and the ICE window manager (icewm) is also ready to go if preferred.

One time I used the Puppy to rescue a torn up Windows XP system. Very handy!

Have fun! Oh, and like most Linux distros, it goes well with beer. :beer:

Puppy Linux 4.20 Update on Sylvania Meso Netbook

Puppy Linux 4.20 Update on Sylvania Meso Netbook

12 responses to “puppy linux 4.20 is out

  1. I like it too. Used it some time ago. And hey I sorted my graphic resolution problem with Ubuntu 8.10

  2. I like the Window Manager on Puppy. Small, beautiful and very effective.

  3. Some time ago I had a IBM laptop thinkpad 600E and I tried every light distro on that. Like Puppy, DSL, ZenWalk, XUbuntu, Slax etc..Puppy and XUbuntu were best for me.

  4. I've been meaning to try Puppy Linux for some time 🙂

  5. I like your "Linux Nova" screenshots on your blog. I think Nova is a very good idea.Nova Linux website (Spanish):Misión y Objetivos:El Proyecto Nova aspira a proveer una línea de productos y servicios de calidad orientados a usuarios inexpertos en el area de las tecnologías de SWL o que hayan experimentado un proceso de migración a las mismas. El sistema operativo Nova responderá a las necesidades de las instituciones cubanas y respetará como valores fundamentales el logro de un estado de soberanía e independencia tecnológica.

  6. pronto boy a tener mas cosas sobre "Nova" el problema es que me estoy mudando para otro sitio y entonces no tengo internet en estos momentos estoy en casa de mi suegra y estoy usando un "netgear" wireless usb en mi computadora de windows para cojer la internet del vecino porque eya no tienebueno espero que hables espanol 🙂

  7. Sííí, te entiendo. :up: ¿Vives en Cuba? Fui a la Habana y Sancti Spiritus en 1996.

  8. Does puppy allow for a complete system upgrade, when I stopped using linux a coupeof years agon that was the new thing … with the arrogant gentoo on top of course.I liked the possibilities of gentoo linux but never liked some elements of their community and their software manager is way too slow. They should have handled that before adopting their high and almighty attitude.It's too bad that community eveolved in that direction though, because the original founder was an okay guy.Snobs are everywhere I guess, but for some reason I didn't expect to find them in the pingu community.

  9. Upgrading the Puppy for me was just copying 3 files to overwrite ones already on the USB stick. Super easy, as there's not too much to confuse a person on a USB Puppy system anyway.I used Slackware for nearly a decade, and a system upgrade for a not-that-talented guy like me meant a wipe and reinstall, saving my home directory on it's own partition. Not too hard, but it took awhile and I used to dread it.I always heard Debian users had system upgrades the best. They tend to never reinstall after the initial time. The one I use now, Kubuntu, is based on Debian, and I've not reinstalled since the very first time. Just start a distro upgrade, maybe answer a question or two, and you're done. I really like it, and the upgrades have always gone very well. There have been a few minor bumps, but fixes arrive in a day or two as automatic updates. I've never hosed the system on a distro upgrade, not even close.I miss the Slackware, as it was the smoothest most solid thing I ever ran, but as of about 1.5 years ago (release 12), it became a royal pain in the ass with conflicting documentation all over the place. This seemed to happed about the time Pat Volkerding farmed out some of the benevolent dictatorship to some guy in Italy. The pride of ownership of Slackware was great, but I think they left out a lot of non-wizards with release 12 and up.I've never known much about Gentoo and don't know a thing about the community.One thing that always makes me laugh, it's always said that there's a ton of Linux support on IRC. Well, not unless you are wizard level. The average user will get their ass shot off on IRC. If I can't Google my help, it don't get fixed. FUCK IRC! lol. I like IRC for chat, but for support, never. Been there, will never go back.

  10. rtfm must be about the first english abbreviation I learned, thanks to some less community minded co-operators of certain distros.

  11. Don't use Puppy all that much, but it left a good impression. So, I'm grabbing the latest again…Single favorite light Linux is DamnSmall, I always keep a virtual machine copy (and haven't found a virtual machine it won't work in).Also just picked up a DriveWire device, so I'll be sorting all of my old PCs and converting most of the 'keepers' to Linux. Those notes on the Puppy page regarding Wine have left me most curious. Thank you for this Netbook impression.

  12. Nice to hear from you. :up:

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