winter snowstorm pics

It was a good snow, rather rare for this area. The trees are quite pretty.

Images are clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" after landing on the flickr page.

First Big Snow

First Big Snow -- 3/1/09

8 responses to “winter snowstorm pics

  1. So boootiful 😀 Gorgeous shots Dave :up:

  2. Re: Sexy road sign, heading up to Everest……:D

  3. ^^ Love the Sign.The snow makes everything prettier!

  4. That's crazy! I'm in Oklahoma now and the temp was in the high 70's today. Great pics!

  5. I think your weather headed this way as Saturday is going to be sunny and warm. Yay!

  6. A week later and it's hot outside.

  7. Wait till next week. Leaves will come falling down. It all goes so fast these days.

  8. Nice pictures indeed. A bit late in winter t join in on the "snowfun" though.

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