take-out chinese food

Dinner dumped out of a carton. Netbook idling nearby.

Image clickable for greater inspection. Select "all sizes" upon landing on the flickr page.

More Puppy Linux Fun on Sylvania Meso Netbook

7 responses to “take-out chinese food

  1. There is a "Bug" in your computer 😛

  2. Sometimes it really is "buggy". 😀

  3. It seems to be the week of chinese takeout. 😀

  4. I was thinking the same thing! I let mine retain the container shape to contrast it to the nice plate presentation you had. 😀 So far I've never slurped it directly out of the box with a spoon, though I have seen others do it.

  5. Neither have I , with the exception of one joint, where it is supposed to be taken like that. IN central town, probably the best wok takeout. I once made the cook understand that it wasn't hot enough to my liking the former time.Boy, did he hear me! 😆

  6. I know, I'm aging too 😦 😆

  7. I know what you mean.Sometimes I like to totally cauterize my digestive system and taste buds, though with each passing year I pay a higher physical price for it.

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